• Interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson on truckers, cancel culture, racism & power

    Dr. Julie Ponesse speaks with Dr. Jordan Peterson about the Freedom Convoy 2022, cancel culture, power and racism.

  • Dr. Julie Ponesse Speaks to Ottawa Trucker Convoy

    Pandemic Ethics Scholar Dr. Julie Ponesse addresses a large crowd in Ottawa who gathered for the Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022. She made her speech on Monday, January 31, 2022– just a few days after the truckers arrived in Ottawa to protest Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

  • Interview with Dr. Peter McCullough: The Double Edged Fear of Covid-19

    Dr. Julie Ponesse sits down with Dr. Peter McCullough for an in depth discussion on Covid-19 vaccines, mandates and the mass psychosis we are experiencing.

  • Student Handcuffed, Dragged Out & Expelled from Western U

    Dr. Julie Ponesse sits down with Harry Wade, the former engineering student at Western University that was dragged out of his classroom on numerous occasions for refusing to disclose his Covid-19 vaccination status.

  • Media Bias & the Collectivist Ethos

    Dr. Julie Ponesse sits down with Laurier University Professor David M. Haskell to discuss media bias and how we got to where we are in a post COVID-19 world.

  • Why are so Many Choosing a Life in a Cage?

    Dr. Julie Ponesse makes a speech at TDF's Faith and Democracy Series on November 17, 2021.

  • Trudeau's Personal Sniper Leaves Position Over Vaccine Mandate

    Dr. Julie Ponesse speaks with Corporal Daniel Bulford. Cpl. Bulford left his prestigious position as the prime minister's personal sniper detail after speaking out against the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

  • Do Not Give Up Your Rights

    Dr. Julie Ponesse's first speech at The Democracy Fund's Faith and Democracy Series event where Dr. Ponesse asks Canadians to stand up for liberty and be the noisy 10 percent that is needed to make a difference. 

  • Ethics 101: A lesson in Courage and Integrity

    Dr. Julie Ponesse, who at the time of recording was a professor of Ethics at the University of Western Ontario, provides what may have been her final lesson in courage and integrity.

  • Ethics and Morals in a Pandemic Part II

    Dr. Julie Ponesse sits down with author Julius Ruechel for an in depth and stimulating conversation about morals and ethics during a global pandemic.