Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy outlined below stipulates the rules and regulations for the use of the website of The Democracy Fund (“TDF”) and its collection of private, personal and/or financial data.

By accessing and navigating the website, (“the Website”), it is assumed that you accept the outlined Privacy Policy listed below. If you do not agree with and accept the Privacy Policy, please cease accessing the Website.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

TDF is committed to protecting and preserving the privacy, personal and financial information of its donors, clients/members, and employees. It is TDF’s goal to not only meet the requirements of Ontario’s privacy laws, but to exceed the requirements by ensuring personal and financial data is only accessed by select, qualified TDF personnel, ensuring that it is kept locked and/or password-protected, and ensuring that when information is no longer valid and must be disposed of, it is done so under secure, closely monitored conditions.

During the course of our fundraising initiatives (and/or petitions), activities and events, we gather and use personal information/data. Any personal or financial information collected and stored is used for TDF purposes only; we do not sell or distribute data to third parties unless it is otherwise specified at the time of data submission and in accordance with our Terms of Use Agreement. Anyone from whom we collect such information should expect that it will be carefully protected and that any use of or other dealings with this information is subject to consent. Our Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy are designed and implemented to achieve this.


These are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. We may occasionally use cookies on the Website. None of our cookies contain or collect any personally-identifying information. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browser settings to prevent that. Even without cookies, you may be able to use the features in the Website.

Purpose and Collection of Data

Personal information is collected from donors only for the following purposes: to prepare the distribution of donation receipts, letters, newsletters, and other TDF content to members and donors; to add, delete, or modify information regarding donors; to inform a donor of an issue, or the details of information TDF has collected regarding him or her; or as described in this Privacy Policy.

Personal banking or credit card information is never shared with other outside organizations, affiliates or third parties. TDF collects, uses, and discloses personal information and data only for these purposes, as outlined above, and for no other reasons, and only to select, qualified TDF personnel.

If TDF offers email subscriptions, and you accept such email subscriptions, TDF will keep your email address private. TDF will use your email solely for communications from TDF: TDF will not sell or rent email addresses to any third parties.

TDF occasionally organizes petition campaigns and fundraising initiatives, both online and via signature collection on paper. The names, addresses, and any other personal data collected on these petitions or for these initiatives, whether signed online or in person, are presented to the designated politician or body to whom the petition is addressed, or retained for TDF’s confidential records. TDF may also choose to send or provide information about itself to individuals who have added their name to a petition, or signed up, volunteered for, or donated to a fundraising initiative. Personal data collected will not be distributed or sold to third parties.

Modification of Personal Data

Donors and/or customers may request that their personal and/or financial information be updated via email or letter. Before any updates or modifications of data take place, the following information may be requested for security purposes and to ensure we are speaking with the correct person: name, address, telephone number and/or email address. Personal and financial information/data cannot and will not be disclosed over the telephone or to persons other than the person to which the information/data belongs or pertains.


Complaints regarding TDF’s collection, use, or destruction of personal information shall be made in writing and directed to the attention of the Operations Manager. The Operations Manager will send a notice of receipt within fourteen days after receipt, and after attempting to resolve the complaint will send a final notice of the complaint’s resolution within thirty days.

Contact Information

Concerns, questions or complaints relating to TDF’s Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy on the treatment of personal information should be made to:

Operations Manager
PO Box 61035 Eglinton/Dufferin RO
Toronto, ON M6E 5B2


[email protected]

Further information on privacy and your rights in regard to your personal information may be found on the website of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at