Strengthening Democracy

Founded in 2021, The Democracy Fund is a Canadian charity dedicated to strengthening democracy by:

✓ Defending civil liberties

✓ Promoting independent journalism

✓ Helping the world’s vulnerable

DAILY SUMMARIES: Tamara Lich Trial

Books Published By The Democracy Fund

Forgotten History

Civil Rights in Canada 

By Conrad Black

fh_3d-book_720.pngDiscover the untold saga of Canada's vibrant struggle for civil rights in this captivating masterpiece, Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada. In a riveting tour de force, Conrad Black shatters the misconception that...


My Choice by Julie Ponesse one year anniversary livestream

TDF Ethics Scholar Dr. Julie Ponesse was LIVE on Tuesday, December 20 interacting with viewers. Watch the stream below. 

TDF discusses Western U dropping its vaccine mandate

TDF Ethics Scholar Dr. Julie Ponesse is joined by TDF Senior Litigator Mark Joseph to discuss our lawsuit and appeal against Western University.

If we only knew

This speech was delivered at the Rebel News Live conference in Calgary, Alberta, on November 26, 2022.

News Releases

Without Papers Pizza vindicated as City drops all charges

The owner of the pizzeria no longer faces the prospect of substantial fines.

Calgary withdraws charges in anti-free speech transit by-law case

The Democracy Fund clients denied disclosure and their day in court.

TDF secures win for Windsor lawyer in mask mandate case

Crown withdraws mid-trial after charging Windsor Lawyer with alleged masking violations.

TDF defends the rights of transit users against anti-free speech transit bylaw

The city of Calgary has yet to disclose details of impugned communications.


SIGN UP: No forced boosters

TDF legal team is gearing up to fight against discriminatory booster mandates on behalf of post-secondary students and staff.

A Parliamentary Brief on The Emergencies Act

A brief for Canadian politicians looking to better understand and respond to the use of The Emergencies Act.  


Free Legal Defence for Truckers Peacefully Protesting in Ottawa

If you’re a peaceful protester who has been fined while protesting at the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, then please submit your tickets using the form on this page.

Peaceful Protesting Guide

The Democracy Fund presents the "dos and dont's" of peaceful protesting. 

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