Strengthening Democracy

Founded in 2021, The Democracy Fund is a Canadian charity dedicated to strengthening democracy by:

✓ Defending civil liberties

✓ Promoting independent journalism

✓ Helping the world’s vulnerable


The COVID catastrophe’s silver linings

Dr. Julie Ponesse and Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Salé discuss the crises of meaning and freedom of speech brought on by the COVID-19 response, finding hope in dark days, the power of supportive relationships, and the importance of integrity, optimism and respect moving forward.

When telling noble lies erodes public trust

TDF Ethics Scholar Dr. Julie Ponesse speaks with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya about science, public health, informed consent, trust and the future of COVID-19.

News Releases

Federal Government announces discontinuance of ArriveCAN within weeks of TDF's legal challenge

Mandatory use of ArriveCAN is set to expire at month's end. 

Court dismisses application against Western University

The Democracy Fund (TDF) is disappointed to announce that the application against Western University has been dismissed.


SIGN UP: No forced boosters

TDF legal team is gearing up to fight against discriminatory booster mandates on behalf of post-secondary students and staff.

A Parliamentary Brief on The Emergencies Act

A brief for Canadian politicians looking to better understand and respond to the use of The Emergencies Act.  


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