Strengthening Democracy

Founded in 2021, The Democracy Fund is a Canadian charity dedicated to strengthening democracy by:

✓ Defending civil liberties

✓ Promoting independent journalism

✓ Helping the world’s vulnerable


When basic logic and truth get mangled by assumptions

Dr. Julie Ponesse speaks with viral immunologist Dr. Byram Bridle about the recent CMAJ article and how its implications and assumptions lead to contradictions, erroneous outcomes and stigmatization.

Sometimes we Have to Defend Democracy Against Ourselves

Dr. Julie Ponesse speaks with Conrad Black about the current state of democracy, why he joined TDF and the history of civil liberties in Canada.

News Releases

TDF hired lawyer defends Philip James Hutchings and His Tabernacle Family Church in NB Court of Appeal

TDF represents Pastor Philip James Hutchings and His Tabernacle Family Church in NB Court of Appeal after the pastor was required to sign an undertaking as a condition of his release from jail.

TDF clients in court fighting BC vaccine passports

Three clients represented by counsel from JSS Barristers and hired by TDF are in court challenging the BC Provincial Health Officer and Attorney General on extreme measures experienced during the pandemic. 


A Parliamentary Brief on The Emergencies Act

A brief for Canadian politicians looking to better understand and respond to the use of The Emergencies Act.  


Free Legal Defence for Truckers Peacefully Protesting in Ottawa

If you’re a peaceful protester who has been fined while protesting at the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, then please submit your tickets using the form on this page.

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