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Founded in 2021, The Democracy Fund is a Canadian charity dedicated to strengthening democracy by:

✓ Defending civil liberties

✓ Promoting independent journalism

✓ Helping the world’s vulnerable


My Choice by Julie Ponesse one year anniversary livestream

TDF Ethics Scholar Dr. Julie Ponesse was LIVE on Tuesday, December 20 interacting with viewers. Watch the stream below. 

TDF discusses Western U dropping its vaccine mandate

TDF Ethics Scholar Dr. Julie Ponesse is joined by TDF Senior Litigator Mark Joseph to discuss our lawsuit and appeal against Western University.

News Releases

TDF concludes historical role in public inquiry into government use of emergency powers against trucker protests

TDF makes final written arguments to Commissioner Rouleau in Public Order Emergency Inquiry.

The Crown stays charges against Pastor Pawlowski

The Democracy Fund is pleased to announce that charges against Pastor Pawlowski, arising from his conduct in feeding the homeless and walking for freedom, have been stayed by the Crown.

LEGAL VICTORY: Charges dropped against NB pastor after TDF’s lawyer files Charter Challenge

Multiple charges have been dropped against Pastor Phillip James Hutchings of His Tabernacle Family Church.

Western University revokes its vaccine mandate

In a major policy reversal, the University of Western Ontario has revoked its COVID-19 vaccine mandate.


SIGN UP: No forced boosters

TDF legal team is gearing up to fight against discriminatory booster mandates on behalf of post-secondary students and staff.

A Parliamentary Brief on The Emergencies Act

A brief for Canadian politicians looking to better understand and respond to the use of The Emergencies Act.  


Free Legal Defence for Truckers Peacefully Protesting in Ottawa

If you’re a peaceful protester who has been fined while protesting at the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, then please submit your tickets using the form on this page.

Peaceful Protesting Guide

The Democracy Fund presents the "dos and dont's" of peaceful protesting. 

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