TDF is excited to launch a new animated video series titled, Civil Liberties 101

TDF produces thought-provoking video series to educate and promote civil liberties and freedoms in Canada.

Toronto: The Democracy Fund (TDF) has launched an engaging and informative educational series consisting of short, animated explainer videos titled, Civil Liberties 101. Each video takes a deep dive into topics concerning our inalienable rights, civil liberties and freedoms in Canada. Topics also cover current and shifting trends in culture, thinking and behaviour that have become more apparent and prevalent during the pandemic.

This video series is being produced as part of TDF’s mandate to advance and promote education around constitutional rights and freedoms in Canada.

The first two videos focus on what civil liberties are and the ethics of cancel culture. TDF’s Ethics Scholar, Dr. Julie Ponesse, is featured either on camera or through voiceover while animated descriptive text and graphics are used to enhance the concepts she speaks about in each video.

The first video on civil liberties takes a deeper look at the concept of freedom, especially in light of the pandemic restrictions, the ideas of philosopher and physician John Locke, and the role government plays in relation to our civil liberties.

The next video describes the ethics of cancel culture and how opposing points of view are no longer being tolerated in dialogue and discussion, and how they are instead being censored causing division and polarization among people. This video also reflects on the ideas of French writer, Voltaire and English philosopher and politician, John Stuart Mill.

To learn more about this series, visit Civil Liberties 101 on our website. More videos are scheduled to be released during the remainder of the year and will be posted on our social media and shared through our eblasts and e-newsletter.

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About The Democracy Fund:

Founded in 2021, The Democracy Fund (TDF) is a Canadian charity dedicated to constitutional rights, advancing education and relieving poverty. TDF promotes constitutional rights through litigation and public education. TDF supports an access to justice initiative for Canadians whose civil liberties have been infringed by government lockdowns and other public policy responses to the pandemic.