Former Western University professor reacts to the institution’s recent booster mandate and supports student rally opposing it

Dr. Julie Ponesse shares a video voicing her concerns on Western University’s booster mandate and will speak at a student rally on campus this Saturday.

TORONTO: The Democracy Fund (TDF) Ethics Scholar, Dr. Julie Ponesse, and former professor at Western University who was terminated for not complying with the institution’s original COVID vaccination mandate in 2021 has shared a recent video voicing her concerns over the newly announced booster mandate that now requires proof of a booster shot for all students, faculty, staff and visitors to its campus.

In her recent video, Dr. Ponesse talks about what we have learned over the past two years about the vaccines, the lack of informed consent, their efficacy and potential for negative effects on the younger university student population, as well as the CDC and public health’s most recent recommendations, which do not align with Western’s decision.

“For over a year, Western has implemented one of the strictest COVID mandates in the country without providing students with rationale to demonstrate its necessity, effectiveness, or safety,” said Dr. Ponesse.

University students from Western and other post-secondary institutions have organized a student rally for this Saturday, August 27, 2022, beginning at noon at Concrete Beach, which is between Weldon Library and the University Community Centre on Western’s campus. Dr. Ponesse will attend and speak at this event and share her support for opposing the mandate.

“Western students are speaking out and exercising their right to protest this unjust restriction of autonomy. We will see the spirit of Western’s motto — Veritas et utilitas (truth and usefulness) — in action tomorrow,” said Dr. Ponesse.

Western University announced its booster mandate on August 22, 2022, just two weeks shy of the beginning of the school year putting many students in a difficult position, potentially jeopardizing their academic year.

View Dr. Ponesse’s video here.

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