Dr. Julie Ponesse reacts to Western U's booster mandate

Dr. Julie Ponesse gives her thoughts on Western University's newly-imposed booster mandate.

A year ago, I was fired from Western University for refusing to comply with their COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Since then, I have joined The Democracy Fund as an Ethics Scholar and have come out with my new book, My Choice: The Ethical Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine MandatesToday, I want to offer a final lesson to Western U, Western students, parents, faculty, and donors.

As other Canadian universities and colleges are likely to follow suit and implement these same restrictions, TDF lawyers are making the necessary preparations to fight these unlawful, discriminatory mandates.

Students and staff facing booster requirements can visit: www.thedemocracyfund.ca/boosters

Julie Ponesse

Julie Ponesse

Dr. Julie Ponesse was the Ethics Scholar for The Democracy Fund where she authored the book: My Choice: The Ethical Case Against Covid19 Vaccine Mandates. Dr. Ponesse's focus was on educating Canadians about civil liberties.

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