It's not just the legal team at The Democracy Fund, we also take a very serious approach to education. Through publishing books, organizing events, and even hosting our annual student journalism conference, we've participated in a significant efforts to educate Canadians about their civil rights. 

  • After TDF concluded its historic role in the public inquiry into the government's use of emergency powers against the Freedom Convoy trucker protests, we have remained committed to promoting transparency and increasing public understanding of legal proceedings.
  • We have kept a close watch on numerous civil liberties issues in Canada and have published public statements expressing our concerns about internet censorship and free speech.
  • Not only have we fundraised for Tamara Lich’s legal battle, but our team of lawyers have been reporting live from the courtroom in Ottawa every day of the trial. We have been live-posting on X (formerly known as Twitter) and have been publishing daily trial summaries and legal analyses on our website.
  • We hosted our second annual Student Journalism Conference in Toronto, attended by over 20 young Canadians interested in pursuing a career in civil liberties-oriented journalism.
  • Speakers at the Journalism Conference included Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid of Rebel News, Andrew Lawton of True North, lawyer Sarah Miller, David Menzies, Derek Filderbrandt, Rodney Palmer, David Haskell, and several others.
  • We’ve continued to put out animated educational videos as part of our Civil Liberties 101 series, which provide an informative and engaging way to learn more about our rights and freedoms.
  • Our legal work has garnered coverage from various news agencies, including Rebel News, True North, Epoch Times, CBC, and CTV. Our accomplished legal team has actively engaged in both print and video interviews, which have played a pivotal role in educating the public about legal proceedings and developments in civil liberties issues within Canada.

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