Litigation and Legal Representation

Our legal team has helped thousands of Canadians from all walks of life in the fight to protect civil liberties, saving Canadians over $15 million in COVID-related fines!  

  • In 2023, we continued to provide legal representation to Canadians charged during the Freedom Convoys.
  • We helped fourteen truckers in Coutts, Alberta, who were charged with a law that did not apply to their alleged conduct.
  • Currently, we represent dozens of people criminally charged in relation to the convoys, and we have obtained stays (the stoppage of legal proceedings) for 33 of our clients.
  • Stays for our clients include a 60-year-old grandfather who faced $11,140 in fines and a 59-year-old decorated military veteran threatened with a $5,750 fine, both for crossing the border after seeking medical treatment in the US.
  • We helped small business owners, such as Jesse Johson of Without Papers Pizza, Chris Scott of the Whistle Stop Cafe, and Joan Rejzek of Buds on Broadway, with their COVID-era charges: many were either dropped or thrown out of court.
  • We successfully defended churches and pastors who were repeatedly fined, jailed, and punished by the courts because of COVID-19 restrictions, including Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Pastor Phillip James Hutchings, and Pastor Tracy Fortin and Church in the Vine of Edmonton.
  • We helped over 46 post-secondary students in matters relating to vaccine mandates, allowing them to resume their education and complete their degrees.
  • We have successfully represented teachers, doctors and nurses such as Chanel Pfahl, Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill, and Dr. Ian DePass for disciplinary matters arising from dissenting speech brought against them by their professional regulators.
  • We also successfully defended an Ontario teacher accused of failing to use pronouns in his classroom.
  • We have continued to represent students who had issues with their college or universities due to the school’s COVID-19 vaccination policies – one of these cases was an unvaccinated single mom with an exemption. She is now able to finish her college education and attend post-grad studies after TDF lawyers got involved.  
  • We sent lawyers to Toronto and Ottawa for the 1 Million March 4 Children for the purpose of providing legal information and summary advice to attendees about the rights of free expression and peaceful protest.
  • Our lawyers represented two men charged by the City of Calgary for allegedly breaching a city by-law against “interfering with the comfort, convenience or quiet use and enjoyment of the transit system.” The men were engaged in a private conversation while en route to the 1 Million March 4 Children and were charged after an unknown transit user complained to police. Once TDF got involved, the City of Calgary dropped all charges against the two men.
  • We successfully defended a Windsor lawyer against allegations that he failed to enforce provincial masking requirements in his law office after he was charged in December 2020 under the Reopening Ontario Act, which required businesses to enforce masking requirements, subject to numerous exemptions.
  • Our lawyers have secured a withdrawal of criminal charges against a disabled maskless shopper in New Brunswick.
  • We have funded outside lawyers to take on civil liberties-oriented cases, such as a passenger who removed his mask after struggling to breathe during a flight to Calgary in July 2021. The client was eventually acquitted of breaching regulations under the Aeronautics Act.
  • TDF has taken on free speech cases, such as defending a teenager who hung posters at a public high school that contained a QR code linking to a video that, it is alleged, was hateful towards the transgender community.
  • We have set up a fundraiser to cover the legal fees of Freedom Convoy organizer, Tamara Lich. 

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