Civil liberties group concerned about Ottawa Police tactics

Abusive police activity will be challenged in court; needs immediate Police Services Board review.

OTTAWA: The Democracy Fund is calling on Ottawa’s Police Services Board to immediately review a highly unusual series of public statements issued by the police today, threatening unconstitutional and potentially harmful treatment of peaceful protesters lawfully in the nation’s capital.

The Democracy Fund (TDF), a Canadian civil liberties charity, has also dispatched a team of lawyers to Ottawa to assist any peaceful protesters who are subject to illegal police activity. If the Ottawa Police follow through on their threats, TDF will take immediate legal action to protect the civil liberties of peaceful protesters.

In a 22-part series of tweets this morning, Ottawa Police announced a G20-style “surge” strategy to physically confront and kettle peaceful protesters, contrary to standard police practice of de-escalation. Ottawa Police also levelled politically charged accusations at protesters, including that they are violent and dangerous: police statistics show this is not the case.

More troubling yet, is the police threat to use Canada’s spy agencies to track personal details of peaceful protesters, including the collection of banking, insurance, and other personal information. This is tantamount to “doxing” and would amount to the creation of a political enemies list.

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