Western University revokes its vaccine mandate

In a major policy reversal, the University of Western Ontario has revoked its COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

TORONTO: The Democracy Fund (TDF) is pleased to announce that the University of Western Ontario has revoked its COVID-19 vaccination mandate. This comes shortly after TDF and Lisa Bildy of Libertas Law, on behalf of several UWO students, filed an appeal.

In an update on its vaccine policy webpage, dated November 29, 2022, the University advised that: "Based on the latest consultation with our medical experts and local public health, we are revoking our vaccination policy and will no longer require students, employees, and visitors to be vaccinated to come to campus."

Mark Joseph, senior litigation counsel at TDF and one of the lawyers representing a group of students who challenged the mandate, said "We maintained, and continue to maintain, that the collection by the university of personal health information from staff and students regarding their vaccination status was contrary to Ontario's privacy legislation: it is not necessary to the proper administration of a lawfully authorized activity. We're glad to see that UWO is no longer requiring vaccination to attend campus."

In consultation with their clients, TDF and Lisa Bildy, are considering whether to continue with the appeal to ensure the rights of staff and students are respected.

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