Lich Trial Highlights: December 7, 2023

Day 33 was the shortest day of the Lich and Barber trial. It was also the final day of trial for 2023, with court scheduled to resume on January 4, 2024.

Court commenced in the afternoon with Chris Barber’s lawyer, Diane Magas, replying to crown submissions made on the defence motion to dismiss the Carter application. Magas addressed the crown submission that neither Lich nor Barber asked anyone to leave Ottawa, pointing out that this is neither a crime nor does it establish a common unlawful purpose.

Magas similarly argued that there was nothing illegal contained in the communications between former Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and some of the Freedom Convoy participants.

When court resumes in the new year, a voir dire will be held over how comments made by the judge presiding over the Ottawa injunction order of February 2022 should be treated. In the days following, there should be a decision on the defence motion to dismiss the Carter application.

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