The Crown stays charges against Pastor Pawlowski

The Democracy Fund is pleased to announce that charges against Pastor Pawlowski, arising from his conduct in feeding the homeless and walking for freedom, have been stayed by the Crown.

CALGARY: Pastor Artur Pawlowski was charged for attending gatherings (feeding the homeless with his church and attending a Walk for Freedom protest), allegedly in breach of the COVID-19 pandemic-related gathering restrictions for “private social gatherings” in December 2020.

He faced the possibility of a fine of up to $100,000 if convicted. The charges have been outstanding for the past 23 months, and Pastor Pawlowski has endured a total of five trial days.

However, on December 16, 2022, just prior to re-commencing the trial, the Crown decided to stay the prosecution. This represents another victory for Pastor Pawlowski in his fight to defend religious freedom and civil liberties in Canada.

His lawyer, Sarah Miller, said, “This is an incredibly late resolution in Mr. Pawlowski’s favour. The entire prosecution was flawed, from a weak case to extremely late disclosure, to inconsistent witnesses, to unreasonable delays. It will be a relief for Mr. Pawlowski once the stay expires and this prosecution is no longer hanging over him.”

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