TDF secures victory for client charged after attending Freedom Convoy protest

TDF secures victory for a client charged at the Freedom Convoy protest in Windsor with "no reasonable prospect of conviction."

TORONTO: The Democracy Fund (TDF) achieved another successful outcome for a client after he was criminally charged for attending the Freedom Convoy protest in Windsor in February 2022. Like many others, the client was accused of committing mischief and disobeying a court order. He was confronted with 45 days in jail upon conviction.

TDF represented the client during a number of court appearances, subsequent to which the Crown agreed to withdraw the charges as there was "no reasonable prospect of conviction."

The client endured 13 months of restrictive bail conditions and suffered the uncertainty of the judicial process but was relieved when he learned of the successful resolution. His family had experienced political repression in a former Soviet-bloc country prior to moving to Canada, and this experience sharpened his appreciation for civil liberties.

After the withdrawal, TDF lawyer Adam Blake-Gallipeau said: "This is another troubling example of a first-generation immigrant who was arrested and faced significant jail time for peacefully exercising his right to protest. I'm pleased that we were able to help and that my client can finally move on with his life."

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About The Democracy Fund:

Founded in 2021, The Democracy Fund (TDF) is a Canadian charity dedicated to constitutional rights, advancing education and relieving poverty. TDF promotes constitutional rights through litigation and public education. TDF supports access to justice initiatives for Canadians whose civil liberties have been infringed by government lockdowns and other public policy responses to the pandemic.