TDF Paralegals obtain success in two levels of court

Ontario Fight the Fines team continues to see success for a variety of offences.

TORONTO: The Democracy Fund (TDF) is pleased to announce some recent successes in the Ontario Court of Justice, through their Fight the Fines campaign. The paralegals of the Fight the Fines campaign continue to see success in the provincial court level and have now obtained their first win at the provincial offences appeal level.

Appealing a wrongful conviction of a self-represented individual, Jenna Little was able to pick up on a glaring error of law that the sitting Justice of the Peace committed: the misclassification of the offence. Had this appeal been heard, it would have created a precedent for all Reopening Ontario Act cases and clarified that they are, indeed, strict liability offences. This appeal was not heard, though, as Ms. Little’s legal writing persuaded the Crown ahead of time to consent to the appeal, ask that the conviction be overturned, and enter an acquittal. A wrongfully convicted self-represented individual, who should have had a fair trial, was rightfully redeemed with the help of The Democracy Fund’s paralegals.

The Fight the Fines team has had recent successes in the lower, provincial court, as well: the paralegals have been obtaining a record number of stays for small business owners and individuals, as well as several withdrawals of Quarantine Act charges, totalling over $540,000 in fines avoided.

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About The Democracy Fund:

Founded in 2021, The Democracy Fund (TDF) is a Canadian charity dedicated to constitutional rights, advancing education and relieving poverty. TDF promotes constitutional rights through litigation and public education. TDF supports an access to justice initiative for Canadians whose civil liberties have been infringed by government lockdowns and other public policy responses to the pandemic.