TDF to fund criminal defence of Coutts protester charged with using truck as weapon

James Sowery was charged with assault with a weapon and dangerous driving after he allegedly drove his truck through a police checkpoint in Milk River.

LETHBRIDGE: The Democracy Fund (TDF) is proud to announce that we are funding the defence of James Sowery, who was criminally charged with dangerous driving and assault with a weapon after he allegedly drove his truck through a police checkpoint during the Freedom Convoy protests in Milk River.

A five-day jury trial will commence in Lethbridge on March 20, 2023.

It is critically important that James has a fair trial and that the record is set straight about alleged acts of violence which occurred in Coutts and Milk River. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked about “threats of serious violence” at the Public Order Emergency Commission, the first thing he mentioned was the “weaponization of vehicles” and the first example he gave was “cars ramming into police officers” at Coutts. The commissioner subsequently found that the federal government was justified in using emergency powers against protesters, even though, in his own words, the evidence was not “overwhelming.”  

Mr. Sowery is being defended by Olivia Manzer of Trach Law. TDF anticipates that Ms. Manzer will vigorously defend Mr. Sowery and assert all available Charter defences on his behalf.

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