SIGN UP: No forced boosters

TDF legal team is gearing up to fight against discriminatory booster mandates on behalf of post-secondary students and staff.

The Democracy Fund (TDF) has delivered a letter to Western University objecting to its newly-imposed booster mandate. The letter warns the University that the booster mandate is likely unlawful, unconstitutional and medically unnecessary. TDF is urging the university to rescind or modify the booster mandate. You can read a copy of the letter by clicking here.

TDF is also offering free legal information to post-secondary students and staff who are facing the newly-imposed booster mandates. Western University announced on August 22, 2022, that it would require proof of a booster shot from all students, faculty, staff and visitors to its campus and the University of Toronto announced it would require proof of a booster shot from students living in residence on July 28, 2022.

As other Canadian universities and colleges are likely to follow suit and implement these same restrictions, TDF lawyers are making the necessary preparations to fight these unlawful, discriminatory mandates. Students and staff facing booster requirements can visit to tell their story and submit an application for free legal assistance.

  1. LEGAL: Lawyers at The Democracy Fund will review cases to see if they can assist individuals facing discriminatory booster requirements.
  2. CROWDFUNDING: TDF has begun crowdfunding to hire the best civil liberties lawyers in Canada to fight booster mandates. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today!
  3. TELL US YOUR STORY: If you are a Canadian university student or staff member and your university is forcing you to get a booster shot, please fill out this form. You may be entitled to some FREE legal assistance.

About The Democracy Fund: Founded in 2021, The Democracy Fund (TDF) is a Canadian charity dedicated to constitutional rights, advancing education and relieving poverty. TDF promotes constitutional rights through litigation and public education. TDF supports an access to justice initiative for Canadians whose civil liberties have been infringed by government lockdowns and other public policy responses to the pandemic.