R. v. Christine Brown


Christine Brown and six other accused were charged with failing to comply with a public health order after they allegedly attended an outdoor public gathering exceeding 10 persons, beside the Milden Hotel in Outlook, Saskatchewan. The Democracy Fund continues to retain Luke Coupal of Caritas Law to defend Ms. Brown and others like her in Saskatchewan.

The trial is scheduled to start initially with three days commencing April 25, 2022. Counsel for The Democracy Fund has served Notice of Constitutional Question challenging the public health order on jurisdictional grounds, and under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in consideration of liberty rights, rights of association, and rights to gather. Three medical experts are expected to testify at this trial.

Update: TDF’s lawyer was in trial on the week of April 25, 2022, defending Christine Brown against allegations that she attended an outdoor public gathering exceeding 10 persons in Outlook Saskatchewan, contrary to a public health order. Evidence from the RCMP’s surveillance videos showed people laughing, shaking hands, hugging and speaking about the role of non-violent action in the face of tyranny.

The trial is scheduled to resume on October 4, 2022, for the hearing of expert evidence on COVID-19 and the effectiveness of government restrictions.