Pastor Artur Pawlowski is found not guilty by Court

TDF-funded lawyer successfully defends Pastor Artur Pawlowski in Calgary Court.

CALGARY: Pastor Artur Pawlowski was in court last week facing a charge of trespass, causing a disturbance and failure to wear a mask, arising from a visit to a Calgary-area post office. In December 2021, Pastor Pawlowski visited a local store to pick up a package from the post office. It was alleged by the Crown that, during this visit, Pastor Pawlowski engaged in an argumentative discussion with other patrons and a clerk. He was charged with causing a disturbance, trespass and failure to wear a mask contrary to the municipal bylaw.

Sarah Miller, on behalf of The Democracy Fund (TDF), defended Pastor Pawlowski against the charges. After hearing evidence presented by the Crown, and cross-examination from Ms. Miller, the Court found that there was reasonable doubt with respect to the causing a disturbance charge and found Pastor Pawlowski not guilty. The charges of trespass and failure to wear a mask were withdrawn by the Crown prior to trial.

Ms. Miller was pleased with the result: "This decision shows that we can have disagreements in public without facing criminal consequences."

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