Crown withdraws all charges against peaceful protester arrested, Tasered at Ottawa protest

Charges dropped against The Democracy Fund client after viral arrest at Ottawa protest.

OTTAWA: The Crown has withdrawn all criminal charges against William Dalton, who participated in the 1 Million March 4 Children in Ottawa in October 2023. Mr. Dalton was subjected to multiple Tasings after being subdued during the peaceful protest. He was initially charged with obstructing a peace officer and causing a disturbance. A video of the incident went viral.

Mr. Dalton joined the 1 Million March 4 Children to draw attention to recent significant changes in the public school curriculum.

The Democracy Fund (TDF) represented Mr. Dalton in discussions with the Crown and throughout numerous court appearances. Initially facing potential jail time, a consequence exacerbated by the manner in which he was handled by police, the Crown ultimately agreed to drop all charges following negotiations by TDF.

TDF lawyer Adam Blake-Gallipeau expressed satisfaction with the outcome, stating, "Mr. Dalton exercised his Charter rights to peacefully assemble and express his views on current issues. We are pleased with the resolution."

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