TDF launches new book: "Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada" by Conrad Black

Author Conrad Black shatters the misconception that civil rights are solely an American phenomenon, illuminating the remarkable tapestry of Canada's own battle for equality.

TORONTO: The Democracy Fund (TDF) is proud to announce the release of a groundbreaking new book that sheds light on a crucial aspect of Canada's history. Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada by Conrad Black delves into the evolution of individual rights in the country, revealing a rich tapestry of struggles, controversies, and triumphs that have shaped Canada's social and political landscape.

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In recent times, the concept of individual rights has taken centre stage in Canadian public discourse. From high-profile controversies surrounding the invocation of the Emergencies Act and disputes over gender identification pronouns, to clashes over religious accommodations and language rights, the issue of individual rights has become increasingly prominent.

Drawing from his extensive knowledge as a historian, author, and former publisher of major newspapers, Lord Conrad Black offers readers a compelling journey through Canada's history. Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada delves into the evolution of rights from the days of New France, through the British colonial period, to the 156 years of Confederation. This book provides a comprehensive exploration of the development of rights and freedoms in the Canadian context, offering readers a deeper understanding of the forces that have shaped the nation.

Black's unique perspective as the Historian in Residence for TDF, combined with his distinguished career as a columnist, historian, and media commentator, brings a fresh and insightful lens to this important subject. His extensive educational background, including degrees from Carleton, Laval, and McGill universities, contributes to the depth and accuracy of the historical narrative presented in the book.

Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Canada's historical journey towards a more just and equitable society.

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About The Democracy Fund:

The Democracy Fund (TDF) is a leading institution dedicated to promoting democratic values, civic engagement, and informed public discourse. Through research, education, and advocacy, TDF works to strengthen the foundations of democracy and empower citizens to actively participate in shaping the future of their nation.

About Conrad Black:

Lord Conrad Black is a distinguished author, historian, and media commentator. With an illustrious career spanning journalism, publishing, and academia, Black has contributed significantly to the understanding of history and public discourse. His expertise in the areas of civil rights, governance, and political analysis has made him a sought-after voice in discussions on contemporary and historical issues.