Various Other Matters

Vaccine mandates intrude upon many areas of life - from professional regulation to employment to medicine. TDF has acted to assist people in all of these areas. 

Patient #1

TDF was asked to help the vaccinated daughter of an ICU patient admitted to a hospital. The daughter and the rest of her family were not permitted any visitation access to their parent in the ICU. Despite the daughter being fully vaccinated, the hospital denied her visitation due to the parent testing positive for COVID-19. The daughter consulted TDF about her legal rights.

Result: Following a preliminary discussion with TDF which included legal information and suggestions for next steps, the daughter discussed the matter with the hospital. The parent was transferred to palliative care where visitors are permitted and the family has been reunited.

Patient #2

The patient suffers from kidney failure. He requires life-saving weekly dialysis and must drive a long way to receive his treatment. He is unable to maintain a steady work routine. 

After refusing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, the patient was advised by his treating physician that he was an ineligible organ donor recipient due to his vaccine status. In the past, he was never required by his treating physicians to receive a flu vaccination. The patient otherwise qualifies for a transplant.

We spent some time briefing the patient in preparation for a follow up meeting with his physician.

Result: Following our consultations and discussion, he advised his treating physician that he had sought legal advice and was prepared to take the matter further. Shortly thereafter, he was added to the donor list.

Municipal Worker #3

This person works with a municipality. The worker has been prevented from attending meetings in person due to her unvaccinated status. A new policy was approved by the municipality requiring all workers attending meetings to submit their vaccine status and receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The worker refused to do so. She consulted TDF out of concern that the policy would prevent her from optimally fulfilling her duties.

Result: TDF provided general legal information and addressed the worker's concerns. The worker remains in her position with the municipality, attends meetings in person and has continued to fulfill her duties without interruption.