TDF lawyers succeed in negotiating withdrawal of charges laid against family travelling to Canada to deal with terrible tragedy

TDF lawyers achieve victory for family charged with offences while trying to attend a funeral in Canada and grieve for their loss.

Vancouver: TDF lawyers succeed in negotiating the withdrawal of charges laid under the Quarantine Act against Norbert and Eva Stemmer upon travelling to Canada following the tragic loss of their family members in July 2021.

In the height of the pandemic and during some of the strictest travel restrictions, Norbert Stemmer and his mother Eva Stemmer, faced the tragic loss of Norbert’s two nephews, Eric and Patrick, during a crane accident at a construction site in Kelowna, BC.

The two, who are both fully vaccinated and had negative PCR tests and carried a quarantine exemption on compassionate grounds from the Canadian embassy in Vienna, flew from Germany to Canada and upon entry into Canada were fined more than $11,000 and forced into mandatory quarantine because of a malfunctioning QR code app on Norbert’s phone.

The Stemmers had to stay three nights in a hotel quarantine and the remaining 11 days isolating in Norbert’s brother’s house. They were granted a one-day exemption to attend the funeral but had to wear masks and keep physically distant during a time when physical comfort is paramount.

TDF lawyers continue to provide legal support to families like the Stemmers.

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