TDF lawyers secure withdrawal of criminal charges against maskless shopper

A New Brunswick woman was charged with obstruction after refusing to provide documentation of sensitive disability. 

WOODSTOCK: The legal ordeal for a disabled shopper, criminally charged with obstruction after shopping maskless, finally came to an end in a provincial courtroom Tuesday when all charges were withdrawn.  

Wendy Kirkland was criminally charged with obstruction over two years ago when she went shopping with her mother at Hart Store in Woodstock, New Brunswick. As Wendy was maskless, the police were called. They attended Hart Store, where they confronted Wendy and demanded proof of her exemption. Wendy, whose disability is highly sensitive and private, refused to provide documentation but complied with police directions to leave the store.

Unfortunately for Wendy, the matter did not end there. The police pursued her outside the store with demands that she provide her name. When she refused, Wendy was apprehended, pinned to the ground, and charged with obstruction.

Wendy’s heartbreaking story and a video of the encounter were previously featured on Rebel News.

With the help of donors, The Democracy Fund (TDF) retained Rashidy & Associates to advocate for Wendy and secure the complete withdrawal of her charges. Wendy is thankful to TDF donors who made her defence and vindication possible.

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