R. v. Church in the Vine of Edmonton and Tracy Fortin


Tracy Fortin is a pastor at Church in the Vine in Edmonton, Alberta. She was charged with three counts of obstruction under Alberta’s Public Health Act for refusing to allow a government inspector entry into the sanctuary of her church. The inspection was related to restrictive COVID-19 public health orders.

TDF has hired James Kitchen to defend Pastor Fortin. A three-day trial has been scheduled to commence on April 19, 2022, where TDF’s lawyer will argue that the charges were issued in breach of the Charter.

Update: TDF is disappointed to learn that the court summarily dismissed Pastor Fortin’s Charter Application and found her and the church guilty of obstruction. The crown was seeking $120,000 in fines. Pastor Fortin was fined $15,000 and the church was fined $65,000. TDF has retained James Kitchen to conduct an appeal.