An evening with Tucker Carlson: Protecting our Civil Liberties

Thursday, September 09, 2021 at 06:00 PM
An evening with Tucker Carlson: Protecting our Civil Liberties

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW: Tucker Carlson to address Toronto civil liberties meeting about vaccine passports and censorship

Tucker Carlson, serves as host of FOX News Channel’s flagship primetime cable news program, 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

He joined FOX Network in 2009 as a contributor. On his program, Carlson offers an important perspective on what’s happening in America and globally.

Join us on September 21, 2021 in Whitby, a 25-minute drive east of Toronto, the night before Ontario brings in its draconian vaccine passport.

Tickets start as low as $20, get yours today, HERE.

If you want to attend the event virtually, you can purchase tickets, HERE.

Tucker will join the meeting via Zoom on a massive video screen, where he will be interviewed by Ezra Levant and Dr. Charles McVety, the president of the Canada Christian College, which is where the event is being hosted.

If you are worried about Doug Ford’s forced vaccine passports and bio-medical segregation, this meeting is a must-attend evening.

If you are worried about Justin Trudeau’s threatened Internet censorship, this meeting is a must-attend.

Tucker’s participation is being sponsored by The Democracy Fund, a registered charity dedicated to Canadian civil liberties.





Will you come?